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The Gate Keeper Riddle.

Description :

iGodtower : The gate keeper riddle.

( New Riddles ,New Clues ,New Ideas and No Google Necessary )

With 13 Challenge Riddles.
Form Godtower The skill of God.
(Up to 3,000,000 Players From 164 Countries)

Now Available On iPhone.

"Do you yearn for a game to challenge your massive intellect? Did you beat My Diamond Baby in a half-hour without cheating? Want something harder? Well, here it is: God Tower. This is the toughest puzzle game I've ever seen. I'm not going to lie to you; it's currently unbeaten. But that shouldn't be a problem for you, right?"

"In this riddle, you have to find and use passwords to complete levels. To do that you have to use your brain and search for the clues."

"The Best Riddle Game in the Whole Wide World "

" GodTower The Hardest Game Ever "

" Game for Guinness "

"Very Puzzle Game"

Asiasoft Magazine

"We're just boys and girls in the journey explore the mysterious world of Godtower."


"Godtower is Return"



iGodtower is an very puzzle game. Given a set of images and a puzzle title, players must determine the password to the next level.

Hints and Rules

Direct password hinting is not allow to show in public. But players able to share thinking method via devotee board (internet forum). Some specific rules for this game are

* Each password is small capital, contain no space.

Playing technique

Each level has its own technique to pass the level currently known technique are

* Reading text or picture for the password.

* Manipulating an image or picture.

* Decoding sequence symbol pattern, code, alphabet.

* Mathematics calculation.




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